Isofor foam

ISOFOR ® is a thermo-acoustic insulation produced from a urea resin, specifically designed and formulated for...

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Each operation is outlined in detail: from the preliminary stages of inspection and control to the preparation of the insulating material…

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Technical data

ISOFOR ® provides detailed documentation of the chemical characteristics and mechanical behavior of its product…

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Wall insulation

For an efficient insulation of walls and partitions new materials and advanced techniques are now available, these allow to insulate thermally and…

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Internal insulators

The foam ISOFOR ® stands out in the panorama of internal insulators available on the market for its advantageous characteristics of efficiency and reliability, in addition to the possibility that the product offers to…

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Insulating resin

The foam ISOFOR ® is composed by a special urea resin and related hardener, two substances that are to be mixed to form a…

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