For more than 30 years the ISOFOR company has been dedicated to the development and commercialization of ISOFOR ® foam insulation, the expanding urea resin ideal for industrial and building insulation, born in the late 70s by the commitment of Luciano Beltrachini, founder of the company, and developed in close collaboration with the research center of the group Montedison S.p.a.

Thanks to the energy and the confidence of the current director (manager) Marco Beltrachini, over the years we have grown steadily to become an important point of reference for applicators throughout Italy and abroad as suppliers of raw materials – resin and catalyst – and the related machinery for installation.

Currently the main activity of the company ISOFOR ® is the supply of urea resin and catalyst – with the related machinery of our production – for thermal and acoustic insulation, an activity that takes place all over the country with experience, reliability and high professionalism.

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Isofor foam

ISOFOR ® is a thermo-acoustic insulation produced from a urea resin, specifically designed and formulated for...

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Each operation is outlined in detail: from the preliminary stages of inspection and control to the preparation of the insulating material…

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Technical data

ISOFOR ® provides detailed documentation of the chemical characteristics and mechanical behavior of its product…

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