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Insulating resin

The foam ISOFOR ® is composed by a special urea resin and related hardener, two substances that are to be mixed to form a product capable of isolate thermo-acoustically every cavity, interspace or crevice in buildings of various kinds.

The advantageous properties of ISOFOR®, combined with advanced techniques of utilisation, make possible to obtain a perfect and lasting insulation, significantly reducing both the time and the costs of intervention.

The procedures, explained in detail in this website, are optimized to minimize time and costs for the benefit of developers and customers.

If you want to know more in detail the technical characteristics of ISOFOR ® foam, the characteristics of the equipment required for the installation as well as the techniques used by our experienced and dedicated technicians, you can explore the informations contained within the website or contact us directly by calling the toll free telephone number or sending a message by e-mail.

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