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ISOFOR® foam

ISOFOR ® is a thermo-acoustic insulation produced from urea resin (PMU poly-methylene-

oxymethylen-urea), a resin fully conform to European standard DIN EN 15000-1:2005 specifically

designed and formulated for the preparation of thermo-insulating foams for residential building and

industrial applications. The urea resin is supplied as a water soluble powder, it is provided with the

specific ; supplied as a concentrate liquid that must be diluted in water just before use.


ISOFOR ® presents a resinification with a structure of partially interconnected micro-cells: this is the

best physical condition for thermo-acoustic insulation; it is also suitable for filling spaces such as

partition walls, cavities under bath tubs, spaces around all kinds of pipes, and so on…

ISOFOR ® stands out among thermal and acoustic insulations for its repellency to insects and

microorganism, for the non-flammability of the product and the possibility of breathing that offers to

the walls; in fact, through the process of vapor diffusion, the wall guarantees the disposal of any

condensation within the walls and prevents its appearance on the inner surface. ISOFOR® is

particularly suitable in prefabs, silos, cold storages, and of course also in the houses under

construction or already built if there is a gap in the walls where the foam can be injected. 


ISOFOR ® is a foam that combines versatility, rapidity of installation, and the ability to reach the

farthest corners by entering in to every crevice and resinifying in a few minutes.


Toxic properties of ISOFOR ® insulating foam are non-existent, as widely reported by test reports.

ISOFOR ® is a valuable aid for the builder for the proper and cost-effective application of the law

10/91, which regulates the use and characteristics of thermal insulation, and turns out to be a

highly reliable insulation material for the designer and the heating engineer for its durability and

correctness of implementation, due to the special and safe technique of injection employed.


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